Jul 1 • 1HR 7M

FEEL THE POWER 2022.06 / Ep.72

MEMBER EDITION. The Real Rob Taylor presents over one hour of NEW power rock and metal tracks for June 2022.

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  1. CHEZ KANE : Powerzone

  2. PALACE : Westbound

  3. CHAOS MAGIC : In The Depth Of Night

  4. VYPERA : Cold As Ice

  5. MASQUE OF ART : Heaven Can Wait

  6. GRACE feat. RONNIE ROMERO: Evergarden

  7. CROSSING RUBICON : Perfect Storm

  8. DAEDRIC : Dawnbreaker

  9. BLACK EYE : Darkest Night

  10. THE CAUGHTERY : Fragile

  11. DYMYTRY : Rise And Shine

  12. TUNGSTEN : On The Sea

  13. POWERWOLF : Venom Of Venus

  14. EVERGREY : Mi…

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